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Migrahills - Value Pack 900 Tablets

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Migrahills Value pack 900 tablets : Migraine Support
Main Ingredients : Godanti Bhasma, Dashamoola, Sajjikshar, Brahmi                                                                                                    - Migrahills is a formula with time tested Ayurvedic herbps to help control migrain

- Godanti Bhasma is considered to have analgesic properties, thus helping to control headaches.

- Dashamoola is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties
- Sajjikshar is considered to have antacid properties.  Hyperacidity may sometimes cause migraine.
- Brahmi is known as nootropic herb i.e. it is considered to increase the functioning of the brain. It may help reduce the anxiety caused due to stress

Benefits :
- May help control the frequency of migraine attack.
- May help control the pain intensity & duration of migraine

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